Fallout Shelter: The Board Game


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2 – 4 Players. Competitive.

• Based on Bethesda’s wildly popular mobile game.

• One of the most accessible and easy to learn games we’ve ever created.

• Construct the Vault, generate Happiness, and become the new Overseer!

Based on the popular Bethesda Mobile Game, in Fallout Shelter: The Board Game players compete to gather resources, fight monsters, build up their vault, and generate the most happiness to become the new Overseer. It comes in a special thematic tin, with a vac tray for great component storage. The easy to learn rules make it a great entry point into the Fallout line.

7 of 10Board Game Geek Rating

CompetitiveGame type

2 - 4players

2 - 4Best with

14+ yearsRecommended for

60 - 90Minutes play time

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