Lord of the Rings LCG – The Black Serpent Adventure Pack

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The Black Serpent is the fourth Adventure Pack in the Haradrim cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. Its sixty cards (which include a new hero and three copies of each new player card) introduce a new scenario that leads several of Middle-earth’s greatest heroes along a detour from their homeward path when they come across an opportunity to strike against a caravan carrying tributes to Mordor. Additionally, you’ll find a new Spirit hero, new support for the game’s side quests, and a number of player cards that support a variety of traits.Key Selling Points• The fourth Adventure Pack in the Haradrim cycle for the cooperative The Lord of the Rings LCG®• Middle-earth’s heroes ambush a caravan of Haradrim delivering tithe to the Dark Lord• Challenges players to withstand ferocious attacks as they continue to quest• Introduces a new Spirit hero with the Rohan trait• Twenty-seven player cards (three copies each of nine different cards) support a variety of new deck options,  including those based around the Rohan, Song, and Pipe traits

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